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Acupuncture in Calgary, AB

Dr. Jenelle Timmers DTCM, R.Ac

Jenelle Timmers uses principles of holistic healing through a variety of treatments and services at her acupuncture clinic in Calgary. Each body holds the key to its own healing potential. She has the services and tools to unlock that innate potential each one of us possesses. Understanding each person’s body type gives access to resolving root issues of health conditions and illnesses. Jenelle’s vision is to see members of Calgary continue to flourish in holistic health. Book your appointment today.


Herbal Medicine

Auricular Therapy

Facial Cupping & Gua Sha

Non-needle Acupuncture

AcuGraph Digital Meridian Exam

Come experience natural care for

Digestive issues

Skin issues

Replenish AcuSpa
(Located at Touch of Joy Spa & Wellness​)
#101-151 Copperpond Blvd
SE Calgary AB T2Z 0Z7
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Acupuncture in a Nutshell

Feeling Stressed and Anxious? Try Acupuncture

We all know that stress is just a part of life. We all have moments of feeling anxious or depressed, but when those feelings become more of a permanent fixture in our lives, it is time to get some help. What many may not know is how effective acupuncture can be in providing relief to the mental and physical

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Military Veterans Find Relief with Acupuncture

Military veterans often return from service with a host of physical, mental, and emotional challenges related to their tours of duty. Rarely does a service member present with just one health issue. A 2014 study summarized the challenges associated with treating veterans and their often complex medical issues.

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Six Ways Acupuncture Can Improve Women’s Health

Women’s health issues can be complex and unique to each person. However, traditional Western medicine solutions are full of invasive procedures that can alter hormones. Other solutions include prescription drugs that can have strong side effects for those taking them. Unfortunately, many women believe these are the only options. 

However, acupuncture can be a tremendous solution in addressing a

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